Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ainu yukar published in the southpaw journal

Southpaw, a literary journal out of Melbourne, Australia, and identifying itself as "a journal of writing from the global south," made its long-awaited debut a few months ago. The theme of Issue #1 is Displacement.

Displacement comes in many forms, but the one that immediately comes to mind in the context of Project Uepeker, is the tragic situation of the Ainu people being marginalized in their own native land. So I was very pleased when I was asked to submit one of my Ainu yukar translations for this first significant issue. The yukar chosen for the purpose is the one I've titled The Owl and the Message, an illustrated retelling of "Konkuwa: A Song Sung by the Owl God," one of the yukar included in Chiri Yukie's anthology.

Send an email to submissions@southpawjournal.com to inquire about purchasing copies of Southpaw Issue #1 or for institutional subscriptions.